Are you in?

Cassi is a woman with close to zero athletic ability.  Ten years ago she completed a Sprint Distance Triathlon, just less than a year after she had a baby.  She’s been on a roller coaster of diets, yoga, dog walking and sleeping in so she’s not in great shape right now.  The baby is eleven now, and Cassi is forty (5’9″ and 187 pounds) and is ready to tackle another tri.

She is using as a guide.  She has a new pair of orange and pink athletic shoes, a cruiser bike and a gym membership.  There is a depressing pool at the gym at the place she takes yoga regularly, but the pool is adequate for her skills as a mean doggie paddler.

After running the race a decade ago, she learned this time she will need a bike better suited to speed, and learn some swim technique.

She also needs a team.  So far she has her husband, Brian, and a coach from the gym who promised to help get her ready.  Last time she employed pretty much everyone she knew to cheer her on and help keep her on track.  She’s going to make every effort to fill out an entry for every workout.  Are you in?